Next Generation ACO Projects


P3 is currently working with Nidus Development on two Next Generation ACO (NGACO) Applications, one in Buffalo and one in Atlanta.

These are newly-forming Physician-led Next Gen ACOs, which will include a Provider-Sponsored Health Plan (PSHP) as well as real-estate development elements.  More information can be found at the links below.

Jefferson (Buffalo)

Fairview (Atlanta)

More Information on CMS's NGACO Program



NGACO Timeline Summary: 

Febrary, 2017                      LOI Portal Open, can submit Letters of Intent

March, 2017                        Application Portal Open, can begin submitting applications

May 4, 2017                         Final day to submit an LOI

May 18, 2017                       Narrative part of Application due

June 9, 2017                        Provider lists and Coverage areas (p/o Application) due

Autumn, 2017                     Selection and Contracting; NGACO binding at this point

January 1, 2018                   Plan Year Begins; can start later for partial reimbursement